Facts on Child Abuse and Neglect

Every minute, a child is physically, sexually and emotionally abused. But the most upsetting statistic of all is how often abuse is witnessed and ignored. Current reports show that each year nearly 6,000 suspected cases of child abuse are reported in Hawaii, but there’s no telling how many cases go unreported.

What is Child Abuse?
Child abuse is defined as a non-accidental injury or pattern of injuries. It can take the form of physical injury, sexual abuse, neglect or the emotional maltreatment of children.

The Effects of Child Abuse Can Be Devastating
The emotional and physical pain suffered in childhood often result in low self-esteem, drug addiction, juvenile delinquency, crime and immeasurable wasted human potential.

Child Abuse Doesn’t Discriminate
Child Abuse crosses the boundaries of every economic level, ethnic and religious group. It is happening throughout our state and it can happen to any family on every island.


National Statistics
To learn more about national statistics and data on the occurrence of child abuse and neglect visit the Child Welfare Information Gateway

Statistics in Hawaii
Department of Human Services Reports

Perceptions of Child Abuse and Neglect in Hawaii

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